Vol 5, No 1 (2019)

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Sporadic Burkitt’s lymphoma presents as an isolated orbital disease
Ana Ibáñez Muñoz, Ana Ibáñez Muñoz, Ana Ibáñez Muñoz, M. Ester Lizuain Abadia, M. Ester Lizuain Abadia, Elena Delso Gil, Elena Delso Gil, Sara Velilla Osés, Sara Velilla Osés
PDF - EyeReports 2019 v5 p1-5

Conjunctival lymphangiectasis: successful surgical resection of an idiopathic case
Erbil Seven, Muhammed Batur, Serek Tekin, Gulay Bulut, Tekin Yasar
PDF - EyeReports 2019 v5 p6-8

Self-reported eye diseases among American Indian individuals with type 2 diabetes from the northern Midwest
Benjamin D Aronson, Anna RF Gregoire, Margarette L Kading, Shannon RedBrook, Ryan Wilson, Melissa Walls
PDF - EyeReports 2019 v5 p9-14

Epibulbar complex choristoma including lacrimal gland, cartilage, and adipose tissue
Ozgun Melike Gedar Totuk, Abdullah Canberk Ozbaykus, Irem Turkmen, Kerem Kabadayi, Emel Dikicioglu Cetin
PDF - EyeReports 2019 v5 p15-17

Racial disparity in the prevalence of glaucoma in the United States
Karen Allison
PDF - EyeReports 2019 v5 p18-21

Form fruste pachydermoperiostosis associated with ptosis and floppy eyelid syndrome
Avi Rubinov, Bevin Bart, Allan Oryschak, Ezekiel Weis, Andrew Ting
PDF - EyeReports 2019 v5 p22-25

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