Epibulbar complex choristoma including lacrimal gland, cartilage, and adipose tissue


  • Ozgun Melike Gedar Totuk Bahcesehir University
  • Abdullah Canberk Ozbaykus
  • Irem Turkmen
  • Kerem Kabadayi
  • Emel Dikicioglu Cetin




Choristomas are congenital lesions which appear in abnormal regions, preserving their size and shape over years.  Choristomas are named according to their tissue content:  those that include more than one tissue are called complex choristomas and constitute only a small proportion of all limbal dermoids.  In this case, a 9-month-old child presented with a limbal dermoid on the superotemporal aspect of his right eye.  The dermoid was surgically excised because he was at risk of anisometric ambylopia due to the induced high astigmatism.  Pathological examination demonstrated a complex choristoma consisting of cartilage, lacrimal gland, and mature adipocyte tissue.  Complex choristomas are important in differential diagnosis of limbal dermoid.


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