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Eye Reports is a new peer-reviewed international medical journal devoted entirely to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of all eye-related diseases. The journal covers the pathophysiology, diagnosis, classification, epidemiology and treatment of ophthalmic diseases for physicians and medical scientists. The primary intent of the journal will be to publish clinically relevant information that will directly improve the care of patients with such diseases. Basic science studies of interest to those treating disorders will also be considered for publication when relevant.

Vol 7, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Original Articles

Discovery of a novel genetic variation in papillorenal syndrome
Irune Ortega Renedo, Ana Ibáñez Muñoz, Cristina Ibáñez Muñoz, María Rozanova Klecheva, Leticia Rodríguez Vicente, Jensy Sosa Durán, José Luis del Río Mayor
PDF - EyeReports 2020 v7 p1-5

Correlation of the cholesterol-to-high-density-lipoprotein Castelli risk index-1 with the choroidal and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in patients with diabetes mellitus without retinopathy
Zeynep Eylul Ercan
PDF - EyeReports 2020 v7 p6-13

Primary ocular sporotrichosis with granulomatous conjunctivitis
Hsin Yi Lee, Norlina Ramli, Gayathri Govindasamy, Joon Hi Tham, Siew Yuen Goh
PDF - EyeReports 2020 v7 p14-17

Bird pecking ocular injury caused by a native Malayan bird
Logeswari Krishna, Nor Aisyah Zakaria, Sujaya Singh, May May Choo, Pooi Wah Lott
PDF - EyeReports 2020 v7 p18-20

Hemi-forehead lifting for upper eyelid and brow ptosis in neurofibromatosis type 1
Erol Havuz
PDF - EyeReports 2020 v7 p21-24

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