Bird pecking ocular injury caused by a native Malayan bird

Logeswari Krishna, Nor Aisyah Zakaria, Sujaya Singh, May May Choo, Pooi Wah Lott


Eye injuries resulting from bird pecking are rare but may cause permanent blindness.  We report a case of penetrating ocular injury following a peck by a white-breasted waterhen.  A 13-year-old girl presented with painful visual loss in her left eye after being pecked by her pet bird.  She sustained a central corneal laceration and traumatic cataract in her left eye.  Primary closure of corneal laceration was performed without complication.  Broad spectrum topical and intravenous antibiotics were administered.  After two weeks, she developed a mature white cataract.  Subsequently, she underwent lens aspiration with intraocular lens implantation.  Her vision improved drastically from 20/2400 to 20/60.  Precautions should be taken while handling birds, especially when children are handling birds, in order to prevent any ocular injury.  Parents play a vital role in preventing their child from getting injured by birds.


bird pecking injuries; corneal laceration; traumatic cataract; ocular penetration; penetrating ocular injury; penetrating ocular injuries; white-breasted waterhen; ke-ru-ak


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