Brown syndrome associated with Marcus-Gunn jaw winking ptosis


  • Ilaria Biagini AOU Careggi, University of Florence
  • Alba Miele
  • Gianni Virgili
  • Stanislao Rizzo



Brown syndrome, superior oblique tendon, trochlea, Marcus-Gunn, jaw winking ptosis, blepharoptosis, aberrant innervation


Brown syndrome is a rare mechanical disorder characterized by restriction of the superior oblique trochlea-tendon complex.  Marcus-Gunn jaw winking ptosis is a more common congenital oculofacial synkinesis in which blepharoptosis is associated with upper eyelid contraction that accompanies jaw movement.  In this report, we present the case of a 50-year-old woman with unilateral Brown syndrome and Marcus-Gunn jaw winking ptosis in the fellow eye.


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