Technique to reduce failure with corneal stromal tattoo in patients with symptomatic laser peripheral iridotomy


  • Emma C Davies Masssachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
  • Hajirah N Saeed Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
  • Roberto Pineda Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary



cornea, stroma, tattoo, tattooing, stromal micropuncture, keratopigmentation, iris transillumination


Purpose.  This study presents two cases of persistent glare symptoms after laser peripheral iridotomy despite the patients undergoing corneal stromal tattooing with black ink placed in a manually constructed stromal pocket. Possible reasons as to why each case resulted in treatment failure are described along with a technique to reduce such failures.

Methods.  The study design is a retrospective report of two cases of corneal stromal tattooing after symptomatic laser peripheral iridotomy.

Results.  In both cases, failure to resolve glare symptoms was attributed to patchy pigmentation in the corneal stromal pocket that was highlighted only with retro-illumination at the slit lamp. 

Conclusions.  The method proposed to reduce failures is verifying with retro-illumination for defects in a corneal tattoo as a method to reduce failures.


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